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“While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent the webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

This forum system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered above; they serve only to improve your viewing pleasure. The e-mail address is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one).

General Game Rules

*: The server is RP (Roleplay) and PvP (Player versus Player). This means that all our players enjoy representing their in-game characters most of the time, with ‘most of the time’ I mean that even though the server is PvP, we do NOT tolerate abusive behaviour towards other players. We understand some (If not all) 40k races inherently hate each other, however we still know how to behave with respect and brotherhood. So if you can’t see the difference between good sportsmanship and making someone’s life impossible, you WILL be banned


Our Terms and Conditions include, But Not Limited To, Are

Gothic40K services are not to be used for unlawful purposes or which are prohibited by our terms and conditions.

Our Moderators and Administrators have final say.

Be respectful to yourself and towards other members…Aliens too.

We expect discussions to be civil no matter how intense the discussions become.

While discussions on race, ethnicity, religious and political beliefs, lifestyle, thoughts and ideas are ok, personal attacks are prohibited. Seriously, if you do not know what the differences are between discussions and personal attacks don’t bother using our services.

Other prohibited actions include, but not limited to, are: Threatening, harassing, stalking, defaming, belittling, posting sexually-explicit content, causing any member to feel uncomfortable, expressing hate directly or indirectly towards another member, violating legal and privacy rights of members.

There are many colors of the rainbow.

Posting, linking or referencing to warez or any other illegal content are prohibited.

Commercial advertising (unwanted spam) without the explicit permission by Gothic 40K is prohibited and seriously annoying. Simply, do not sell anything unless you have our explicit permission to do so.
You are responsible for all content that you provide and the contents are provided voluntarily.

Gothic 40K does not monitor or control the content you provide and will not be held responsible or liable for your content.

Our Moderators and Administrators have other obligations and interests outside of the clan so do not expect them to be present 24/7. We are all responsible for the well-being of our community so please help by looking out for any activities that are unlawful or violates our site policies.

Our Moderators, Administrators and members are not robots…They do think for themselves. Their opinions and expressions do not necessarily reflect those of Gothic 40K.
Our Moderators and Administrators will generally leave a thread alone unless it is or has potential of disrupting the harmony of the Clan, unlawful or violates our site policies.
Our Moderators and Administrators will generally leave members alone unless they are disrupting the harmony of the Clan, engaged in unlawful activities or violating site policies.

We do not guarantee the accuracies of information contributed by our members so use discretion and common sense.

Gothic 40K reserves the right to edit, move, close, copy, delete any content in part or in full that have been contributed by all parties who use our services. We reserve the right to deny requests to edit or delete contributed content. Moreover, we obtain the right to use all contributed content in perpetuity.

Requests to modify or delete accounts will be handled on a case by case basis.

Gothic 40K respects the privacy of our members. However, we reserve the right to read private messages or communications if reported by a member or if we have reason to suspect the private messages or communications are used for unlawful purposes or is in violation or our policies.
Gothic 40K reserves the right to deny site access and services to anyone and for any reason.



NOTE: If you are caught cheating or hacking in anyway you will be removed from the clan, no questions asked.